Home Measurement Services


In today’s highly competitive real estate industry, there has never been a greater need for accurate reporting of a property’s true living area, as all too often the gross living area reported on public records differs from what actually exists. Most residential properties are valued based on comparable similar properties and market conditions for a given area. In some cases, the appraisals, value, and ultimately the sales price are based on an assumed or estimated square footage. At $100 per square foot, even a small error could cost you thousands of dollars in a lower asking price. Our home measuring services offer you an affordable option for verifying the current gross living area – square footage calculation for your home.

At Las Vegas Appraisal Co. we offer two home measuring services. Our standard package includes a basic sketch of your home’s floor plan, including the exterior walls, porches, patios, garage, and gross living area. The sketch includes the dimensions of each wall and the calculations that demonstrate how the final figures were determined.

For a more comprehensive floor plan, complete with interior walls, door and window locations, and appliances, we have a product to suit your needs. Our premium home measurement service offers insight for effective ways to “stage” your home or demonstrate potential room layout changes and/or additions.

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